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About Mission 10-42

Founded by a husband and wife who wanted to support those who put their lives on the line to protect our communities; their goal was to provide these officers with life-saving training and equipment they may not have otherwise had access to.  They also wanted to support those families of officers who do not make it home at the end of their shift.

Today, through our partnerships with businesses, training companies, and the community members who support our cause we are able to provide departments with life-savings technology and equipment they may not otherwise have the funds to obtain.  We have also partnered with national training companies to offer training, for officers, aimed at saving lives and bridging community and law enforcement relations.

These efforts will reduce the number of lethal interactions between our community members and those who serve to protect them.  In the unfortunate event an officer does not make it home to their family after their shift, we will provide the family with funds to go towards routine day-to-day expenses and grief counseling. 

Our mission is to provide police departments, their officers, and their families with the necessary resources to form a more perfect union between policing and our communities.

Our vision is for police departments and the communities they serve to feel safe in each other’s presence and to protect one another so that each goes home safe at the end of their day.

Our Resources


  • Medical Supplies

  • Non-lethal tactical supplies and munitions

  • Other non-lethal, life-saving equipment needs


  • De-escalation

  • Community Building

  • Mental Health


Monetary support for the families of fallen officers, in support of:

  • Day-to-day life expenditures

  • Financial Planning

  • Emotional Support

  • Scholarships/Grants for College (children of fallen officers)

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