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Meet Our Squad


Chance Stem

Chance is the President and Chair of the Mission 10-42 board. Being a devoted Realtor in Maryland for 4+ Years, Chance works in the best interest of his clients and community members. He furthered his attention and passion for the law enforcement community in 2019 when his wife joined the police force.


Chance enjoys looking out for others, spending time with his family, and being an entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland. With the lack of funding for Law Enforcement, Chance and Katie decided to step in and bring funding to help law enforcement officers and their families, ensuring no officer has to worry about the lack of equipment or training.

Katie Stem

Katie is the Co-Founder of Mission 10-42, Vice President of Police Relations, and Secretary of the Board. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Ferrum College (2017), she began her career in law enforcement. Honoring the motto of “Not-Self But Others,” Katie enjoys serving the community as a public servant.


As someone who serves the community, she wanted to establish a resource that is available to law enforcement families during unimaginable times. She also enjoys spending time expanding her knowledge and education. In her spare time, she likes to read, spend time with her friends and family, enjoy the outdoors, and progress in her faith. Katie was born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland.


Jacki Druktenis

Jacki Druktenis is a member of the Mission 10-42 Board. Jacki has over sixteen years of experience in the Criminal Justice field and has served as a law enforcement officer since 2013. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Shippensburg University. She also holds a Master's Degree in Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus.


Jacki is passionate about public service and drew inspiration to become a public servant from her grandfather, who retired as a Fire Chief. She was raised in Frederick County. Jacki likes to play soccer, play her guitar, hike, and spend time with her wife and dog in her spare time.

Robert Owings

Robert Owings is a member of the Mission 10-42 Board. Robert is an attorney in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Tax practices. He has an extensive background in both business law and estates and trusts arenas. He has spent more than ten years in the securities industry as a financial advisor as well as a manager. During that time, he built an extensive knowledge base regarding the rules and regulations of the business law industry.


In addition, he was responsible for compliance with securities regulations. Robert is also a dedicated father and enjoys spending time with his two children.


Teagan Deal

Teagan Deal is a member of the Mission 10-42 board. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University. Law Enforcement runs through her family’s blood and she continued that tradition by marrying a police officer. For eight years, she held one of the most difficult job titles: stay-at-home mom. She currently works in the public school sector and enjoys spending her time volunteering in the community, creating and running events, watching her children grow, playing with her three dogs, and working out.

Brandi Loftus

Brandi Loftus is a member of the Mission 10-42 Board.  She has over 20 years of management skills from working in the restaurant sector.  In 2018, she made a career change, taking a job with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).  Her passion for law enforcement results from family members serving to protect our communities.  She is currently enrolled at the University of Maryland Global Campus, pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  She lives in Harford County, Maryland, with her husband, two children, and her pooch named after Buck Showalter because of her long-standing devotion (even through the tough times) to the Baltimore Orioles.

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